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Why You Should Study In France

The “City of Light” infers late night walks around the moonlit Seine, unending luxurious enjoyments, and all things expressions and society – from music and museums to cafes and cinema. But Paris, along with its fellow French cities, also shines is as a destination for international students — so much so that for the second straight year the city has claimed the top spot of the best cities to study. For those seeking a top-rate education while immersed in a vibrant and cultured setting, France offers incomparable joie de vivre.

1. Paris ranked as best city to study.

Beating out London, Singapore, Sydney, Zurich, Boston and many others, Paris was declared the best student city for a reason: from academic resources to bustling nightlife, it is an educational and cultural hub for students from across the globe.

2. Amazing culture hubs.

There’s no place like France when it comes to culture — particularly as it relates to art, museum and wine. Ultimately, France offers a dynamic and iconic culture that stands alone.

3. Some of the best business and engineering schools in the world.

While the arts may garner the international spotlight, engineering and business merit equal attention. France is home to more than 200 engineering schools and 220 business schools, including the extremely prestigious grandes écoles.

4. Central part of Europe

While France offers everything you need to satisfy your travel lust — from rolling countryside to urban alleyways — its central location delivers easy access to other European destinations.

5. Great job opportunities

Students with French degrees have a leading edge on the job hunt, thanks to a thriving network of partnerships between top companies and institutions of higher education. Furthermore, the French government recently declared employability as a French mandate.