About François

François Lavergne’s passion for sake began more than 20 years ago when he was sent to Tokyo as a trained oenologist to open Cordon Bleu’s third international cooking school. It was there that he quickly felt in love with the country, both for its culture and history as well as its sake.

While in Japan he not only organized the first ‘Wine Boom’ but also many French food festivals and gala events across Tokyo and Japan. Following this success, he travelled all over Asia and Oceania with the same determination and became a real aficionado. Now back in Europe, Francois travels between Paris and London where he works as an international food and drink advisor for the wine industry.

As one of the first to make sake centred events across a number of diverse locations throughout Dubai and France, Francois created new pairings that blended Japanese Sake with both artisan chocolates and macaroons, or wild black caviars. He also designed new classical cocktails such as the Spritz Sake, not to mention boasting a wealth of stories that are a delight to listen to. Francois has been elected the First Best Sake Ambassador of the World in 2015. We are proud to have him now in our prestigious team, and international school.