Preparing for your further education in France


France offers students the opportunity to follow a diploma course in one of the world’s finest further education systems while enhancing their inter-cultural experience.

Further education in France, internationally-minded and open to the worlds of business and research, is firmly in step with global trends.


The excellence of French education is based on a national network of over 3,500 public and private further education establishments and internationally-recognized research centers.


This diversity, together with the possibilities of diploma equivalences and bridges between courses, allows students to build a learning path adapted to changes in their study program.


France devotes around 1.2% of annual GDP to further education. This investment ensures the quality of the diplomas awarded in the country. At public establishments, the State handles a significant share of the real cost of each student’s tuition regardless of their nationality. As a result, further-education fees in France are among the lowest in the world.

The further education system in France has a strong international dimension. As the world’s fifth-largest economy and number four on foreign student attendance, France owes its performance to the quality of its educational courses and its research and innovation abilities. The development of the sectors of advanced technology, energy, agri-food, transport, aeronautics, luxury goods, fashion, the arts and telecommunications have resulted in France having 39 companies ranked in the world’s 500 largest. 

This same vitality is to be found in the international-targeted strategies of further education establishments, which offer the possibility of overseas internships and training during a diploma course, training in foreign languages, dual diplomas, international labels and mobility programs, all of which open French graduates up to international careers.



The day-to-day presence of literature, cinema, museums, theatre, gastronomy and fashion illustrates France’s renowned cultural vitality. Events and festivals held all year round attest to this dynamic and to a real openness to world cultures.

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